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How to Connect Both Earbuds of Hipods-H2 to Two Separate Device

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Hello T-fans.

The Hipods-H2, TECNO’s premium audio device, comes with TWS (True Wireless Stereo), a technology which lets you pair two audio device via bluetooth. TWS  gets around bluetooth inherent restrictions by allowing full audio channel transmission to a single earbud (e.g. the right earbud, R) which further transmit the same signal to its counterpart (e.g. the left earbud, L). The process is so smooth on the Hipods-H2 that it happens within split-seconds after powering on the earbuds manually or by opening its dual purpose box (for storage, & charge) with the earbuds in it.

Both earbuds (R, & L) automatically connect to previous device once turned on. But, with a few tricks, this default settings of the Hipods-H2 automatically connecting to previous device can be by-passed in order for both earbuds to connect separately to a different device.

To connect the Hipods-H2 to two separate device (device A, and B), power on and pair one earbud (R) to device A via bluetooth.

To connect the other earbud (L) to device B, keep a distance away from the previously connected earbud. The distance should cover a range that prohibits audio signal transmission between both earbuds (R,& L) when you power it on. Turn on the earbud (L) and pair to device B via bluetooth.

Please note that when both earbuds (R, & L) are within range, powering off any automatically shuts down the other.

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ts0984472672 7 #

Put both earbuds into pairing mode. Press and hold the button on each wordle game earbud until the LED light starts flashing rapidly. On the first device, open the Bluetooth settings and search for available devices. Select the left earbud from the list of available devices and connect to it.
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32635785 6 #

How much is it in Ugandan shillings?
2021-12-14 15:07 Like(1)

32526443 5 #

how can get it
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ts3354613927 4 #

my hipods h2 cannot connect to the same device at the same time
2021-8-7 01:52 Like(0)

ts31436877 3 #

My helmets no longer return to their initial state, what can I do?
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30909419 2 #

how much
2021-3-23 11:50 Like(0)


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