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Hipods-H2: Battery Display Accuracy Check.

Hipods-H2  |  2020-12-26 10:21 135642

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Hello T-fans.

The Hipods-H2 by the award-winning brand, TECNO, has been one of the most talked about product of 2020. Loaded with features that attest to the glory of the brand, the Hipods-H2 takes audio experience to a whole new level. Not just on Android, but all round device that supports TWS (True Wireless Stereo) connectivity.

Putting its features to the test, this article checks the battery display accuracy of both earbuds of the Hipods-H2 by separately connecting both to the same device (TECNO Camon 15) with one earbud (L) having a higher battery charge (100%) than the other (R) at 70%.

The right earbud (R) at 100% battery charge was first connected to the Camon 15, and used for several hours till  70%, before pairing the left earbud (L) to the same device. Battery display on connecting L at a 100% charge to the same device while maintaining connectivity of R at 70% had no effect on the displayed battery percentage of the Hipods-H2 on the Camon 15. With both earbuds (R, & L) connected, battery display of the Hipods-H2 was accurately conserved for the primary earbud (R) at 70% as shown in the photo below.


After 2 Minutes of use, the right earbud (R) was manually powered off to disconnect while maintaining connectivity of the left earbud (L) to the Camon 15. Battery display of the Hipods-H2 on the Camon 15 immediately and accurately switched to a 100%.

This seamless and accurate syncing of the Hipods-H2 in data dissemination to connected device not only speaks highly of its repute but also puts it at the best at what it does in delivering a true audio experience. An experience that extends even beyond its connectivity with the TECNO brand, as the Hipods-H2 still perfectly maintains all of its features and operations both on iOS, and PC.

Click here to see full specifications, features, and functional operations of Hipods-H2.

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Yinksy09 10 #

Nice hip Hipods from Tecno
2021-4-5 15:48 Like(2)

M Nabeel Sohail 9 #

i really wish to win these hipods
2021-1-10 17:37 Like(0)

kodesh 8 #

bonjour mon techno ne prend plus en charge la Sim1
2021-1-9 02:46 Like(0)

FavourAjibade 7 #

Wow! I really love the accuracy!
2021-1-6 01:10 Like(0)

charles bebez 6 #

2021-1-4 05:58 Like(1)

501224220 5 #

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501224220 4 #

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God loves me 3 #

please does teçno h1 earphone support sd card¿
2020-12-27 13:37 Like(1)

30241741 2 #

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