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HI TFANS you just got a new TECNO smartphone for the holidays? If it’s your first one it could be a little intimidating so, to get you started, here are 5 apps you should immediately install or set up on a new Android device. Alternatively, if you’re not already using these apps, it might be time to give them a shot!


1. Up your messaging game Google Messages (RCS)
In the US at least, messaging has traditionally been a sore point of Android smartphones. Thankfully, Google has been hard at work trying to fix that in recent months and now, the solution known as RCS (Rich Communication Services) is available to every Android smartphone in the world as of this year.

Telegram & Discord
If you want an app for even better messaging, you can go beyond the typical RCS and SMS. Telegram is one of our favorite messaging apps and it works a lot like the super popular WhatsApp. Unlike that app, though, Telegram works easily on multiple smartphones or tablets at one time and backs up all of your messages automatically. Plus, everything is still encrypted end-to-end and you have both voice and video calls available..


2.Google Duo
2020 has been a crazy year, but unfortunately we’re entering 2021 still with a pandemic going on. With that in mind, video calling apps are still one of the best and safest ways to keep in touch with loved ones.

One of the best Android apps for video calling is Google Duo. The completely free app makes it super easy to start video calls on Android phones and tablets as well as Chromebooks, computers, and even iOS devices. Think of it as Apple’s Facetime, but not locked down to one ecosystem. The app works with your phone number or your email address and features fun filters and even screen sharing on some devices. It’s best feature though, might just be how well it works on less-than-ideal connections.


One of the most popular video calling/conferencing tools during the pandemic so far has been Zoom. By its popularity alone, this is an app you should have installed. The service offers meetings that you can connect to with just a link or a password, easily connecting with loved ones, friends, or using it for business meetings. Many schools are also using Zoom for remote learning. It’s a powerful app, and one that’s not going to cost you anything unless you’re the one hosting.

3. Pictures and videos backup APP... Google Photos
One of the first things you should install on a new Android smartphone – or an iPhone for that matter – is Google Photos. For the vast majority of Android users, the app will be pre-installed on your device, but you’ll still need to get things set up.

To do that, simply open the app, sign in with your preferred Google account, and decide on backup options. Photos will automatically backup your pictures and videos in the background, but you’ll need to tell it if you want that done over Wi-Fi only or on cellular data as well.

4. Gboard:  This keyboard has a great layout that’s comfortable for typers of all styles and supports features such as gesture/swipe typing, GIF search and input, and so much more. There are even unique features such as the recent addition of the “Emoji Kitchen” which can create some wacky emoji stickers on the fly. You can also theme Gboard to your heart’s desire.

google gboard android voice typing
Put simply, it’s an excellent keyboard that’s totally free and, if it wasn’t already on your phone, it’s one you should absolutely try.

5. Google FIND My Device
Here’s another app that should already be installed on any new Android smartphone. “Find my Device” is a Google app designed to help you keep track of your smartphone should it be misplaced. If the app isn’t installed on your device for some reason, it’s available via the Play...


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