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[Guide]A setting that will save your battery and data. What’s that?

Phone Master  |  2020-12-28 03:45 3030917

As technology develops, the storage and performance of our smartphones are improved increasingly.

More and More Apps were installed in our smartphones, which are consuming our data and battery inevitably.

In this case, Phone Master support manages your auto-start app, which gives you a chance to control and manage your phone more conveniently.

Only 2 Step:

1. Find the “Auto-start management” at the Toolbox.

2. Switch off the App that you don’t want them to start by itself.


In addition, you can also try to click “Intelligent Optimization”, and PhoneMaster will manage the App automatically.

Attention: We do not recommend that you turn off the option for commonly used software such as Whatsapp.

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venomc 26 #

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FavourAjibade 25 #

Thanks for the guide!❤️❤️❤️
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mohbola 24 #

Good to know
2021-1-3 09:28 Like(0)

Kwyn 23 #

I'd try this out, I need to save my data
2021-1-2 05:20 Like(0)

TestimonyGiftie 22 #

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