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The Reward and Punition System of Tspot.

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Note: This article is an attempt to help you better understand how Tspot responds to your activities.

Tspot has several rules, which it rewards Tfans with Tpoints on strict adherence to. But there's another side of Tspot that you probably do not know of, despite the availability of a dedicated section via your profile, pointing you to it. This part of Tspot applies to all sites with similar algorithm.

Know this as a general rule of thumb, that any system capable of automatically rewarding you can also penalize you if found wanting in violation of its rules. And Tspot is no exception.

The rules on Tspot applies to everyone and not just Tfans alone. And when I say everyone, I mean Admins, Moderators and Super-Moderators inclusive. If any of Tspot rules were to be violated, even if via the Official TECNO Tspot account itself, the system will flag it and move to take proper actions. It requires no one to tell it what to do now and then, but instead automated. And because it is automatically and constantly monitoring activities so as to reward you, it is likewise doing the same and capable of faulting you when you violate any of its rules.

When you carry out any activity of relevance on Tspot, the system acknowledges your presence by rewarding you with Tpoints. This Tpoints as earlier announced on Tspot via the official TECNO handle can be redeemed for branded Gifts. Violation of Tspot rules robs you of this opportunity as it leads to heavy deductions of your Tpoints and also puts you at risk of a ban on the platform which may be temporary or permanent.

Activities that can earn you rewards on Tspot includes, registration, using the share button on Tspot to share a post to any of this three social media platforms, Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp,   publishing threads with large number of views or replies, making comments or replies to posts, daily check-in activities, setting up profile picture, providing detailed information of yourself on your profile, taking part in activities/contest and having your publications sticked/moved to front page.

Activities that leads to deductions of Tpoints, temporary or permanent loss of relevance on the platform includes, speaking prohibited, been blacklisted, spamming, phishing, and content theft.

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