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Hello T-fans.

The Phone (Dialer) app is an integral part of a smartphone, and the Dialer app on HiOS has gotten a sort of neat updates in the past year. With integrating ULife, Instant USSD, theming options, Video Show, Increasing Ringtone, and the all-new UI redesign; making calls/ dialling USSD codes has become easier and fun.  
One trick you probably have not been using on the Phone (Dialer) interface is the T9 Keypad, which lets you quickly find contact names without using the search bar or scrolling through a long list of contacts.

Opening the Phone app shows the keypad with numbers (and some letters underneath them), which makes it look like your old Nokia 3310 and the likes. Well, those letters are not just there to make the keypad look like you're using your old feature phone; it has a pleasant feature you'll find useful, interesting, and make you feel nostalgic at the same time. Here's how to quickly find your contacts using the T9 Keypad on your Phone app - it works just like the way you would send a text using your old Nokia 3310 and the likes.

How to find contact names with the keypad.

♦ Open the Phone app.
♦ As soon as the keypad shows up, you would find the numbers and some characters under them. Type your contact initials using the keypad. For example, if you're looking for "Kayode", you need to enter 5296... where 5 stands for K, 2 stands for A, 9 stands for Y, and many more.

♦ You'll see all matching contacts, select a contact name to call it.

You would never have to use the search bar or scroll through a long list of contacts no more. Just open the Dialer app and do what is needed. Do share with your friends and follow me here if you find this trick helpful.
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25755509998001152 7 #

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Dereey 6 #

Never thought of this, thanks for the info.
2021-1-16 13:44 Like(1)

501555660 5 #

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30493951 4 #

I restored my phone to factory reset and I lost this version. How can I restore it back?
2021-1-14 15:41 Like(1)

240642810368 3 #

and which font is this?
2021-1-14 11:10 Like(2)

240642810368 2 #

i happened to uninstall this version. how can i get it back?
2021-1-14 11:10 Like(3)



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