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HiOS Launcher Gets a New ZERO SCREEN Interface

HiOS  |  2021-1-12 02:32 32017

Hello T-Fans.

Since the launch of HiOS 7 on CAMON 16 last year, HiOS Launcher has gained some major improvements both in UI, features, and performance. Earlier today, I received a new HiOS Launcher update which brings to the launcher a new Zero Screen interface.

On like when the Zero Screen contains just System management, Recent Apps, and unlimited News; the latest version brings more useful features to the Zero Screen. There are now cards like Random Quotes, Live Weather, Recent Apps, App Usage, Recommendations, and Feeds.
Screenshot_20210112-065149.png Screenshot_20210112-065133.png
Old Zero Screen interface New Zero Screen interface

Here's a quick note on what the new cards do.
Random Quotes: this card shows a piece of random quotes which changes anytime you open or refresh the Zero Screen.

Live Weather: this card shows you basic live weather information. Tapping in the card takes you to the Weather app where you can get all weather information and forecast.

App Usage: this card shows you a quick breakdown of your screen usage. Click on the card to view the full app/screen usage via Digital Wellbeing.

How to enable and use Zero Screen.
This feature is enabled by default on HiOS Launcher. If it's missing on your device, follow the steps below.
     • Long-press on a space on the homescreen
     • Click Desktop Settings
     • Scroll down and select Other settings.
     • Toggle on Zero Screen from the list.
To access the Zero Screen on your phone, simply swipe right on the homescreen.

This update is being rolled out to various devices in batches, and it might take a while to appear on your phone. Click HERE to check and update your HiOS Launcher from Google Play Store.

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precious224 4 #

nice one
2021-6-22 16:17 Like(0)

Haddad 3 #

Hi all.. I received the new interface of the new zero screen too this day... But I cannot see the live weather card and I looze my health app too... I cannot access it. So why this is happening and what is wrong? Thhhhhanx
2021-5-20 17:55 Like(0)

Jeffter 2 #

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