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Hello T-Fans,
How we wish, you can be reading this with swag and balling music beat playing along.

Let’s roll! You know anything about money is balling stuff.

Give us some permission, we want to brag a little. We deserve a medal (smile emoji)

In a positive way, we do not believe in a long process of achieving great things.

Yes. HiOS entirely is all about simplicity.

This is why we design our products and features in the simplest form possible to give the best user experience; No wonder we won The Best User Experience BEACON ICT Award last year.

Okay, enough bragging, back to business.

For the sake of “Simplicity” again, we made another thing possible.

Built-in. follow come. No need for setup. No need to update. In-fact, no need to remember any country currency name. Just tap and get answers.

Do you know on HiOS 7.0, you can carry out any currency conversion? We mean ANY.

WhatsApp Image 2021-01-13 at 10.05.17 PM.jpeg

You can know the current equivalence of any currency without visiting any daily updated website or Google page, right from the menu of your smartphone. ( only the ones running on HiOS 7.0)

You can convert from US Dollars to British Pounds and Naira at the same time.

From Chinese Yens to Ghana Cedis and Arab Dollars.

Let us surprise you. You don’t even need to turn on your mobile data or connect to any Wi-Fi.

This converter is always up to date anytime you get connected to the internet and as well, you can manually update it by just touching update in the app.

Where is this currency converter?
Stress-free, on the application menu, you have HiOS Calculator.
Just open the Calculator and you will see a currency symbol on the top left corner.
Tap it.
Select your primary currency and the other two you want to convert to and you’re all good to go.
You don’t need to be a stock exchange expert or master Forex Trader to know currency value any day any time.

Oh, what Simplicity. We don’t mind you jamming your hands together for HiOS.

Take a screenshot of your currency converter and let us know your thoughts and applaud in the comment section.

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Adeptbeau 22 #

That's nice, someone like me who thinks about money almost all the time will be able to convert my imaginary money easily (smile  emoji)
2021-1-22 20:02 Like(0)

30557438 21 #

Hi guyz
2021-1-18 09:27 Like(0)

30557207 20 #

ko zaw
2021-1-18 08:14 Like(0)

Somjit 19 #

2021-1-18 01:42 Like(0)

33500240018 18 #

2021-1-17 19:03 Like(0)


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30554647 16 #

I like it
2021-1-17 12:09 Like(0)

30553427 15 #

why the tecno camon 16 has no hfr mode on ml
2021-1-17 03:55 Like(0)

ts08131943344 14 #

I love tecno product
2021-1-17 00:32 Like(0)

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