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Some Best Latest Android Games That You Need To Try Your Hands On.

AHA Games  |  2021-1-17 15:20 TECNO CE7j 81524

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Figment Trailer
Figment is a beautiful point and click adventure game from the same people behind Back to Bed. As you can see, much like the developer's previous work, this is a surreal game, and this time around, you'll solve puzzles within a living mind filled with the memories and voices of its past. All of the art is hand-drawn, and physical controllers are supported, making for a solid port to mobile that's easily worth the asking price.

Picnic Penguin
Picnic Penguin is an adorable puzzler where you'll play the part of a penguin who pushes food around until it reaches its picnic blanket. Basically, this is a Sokoban game where pushing blocks to solve puzzles is the goal. Even though the gameplay should be familiar to most, the adorable graphics and challenging puzzles should keep people coming back.

Yankai's Diamond is a minimal puzzler that comes from Kenny Su, and while you may have never heard of him, he produces some great puzzle games for mobile, and this is his latest release. It will be your job to rotate diamonds until all corner colors match, making for a game where trial and error reigns supreme. This is a relaxing affair that's best played in short bursts, though since there are no timers, you're free to hunker down with this one interruption-free.
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