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This is Why the Aged Pixel USB-C earbuds Has Been Withdrawn From the Market.

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With the launch of the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL in 2018, Made by Google also released a pair of USB-C earbuds. After two years on sale, the Pixel USB-C earbuds are no longer available for purchase from the Google Store and other retailers.

The Pixel USB-C earbuds are largely based off the original Bluetooth Pixel Buds introduced in 2017. Design-wise, it’s defined by round flat surfaces that feature the Google “G” logo and adjustable hooks. The part that resides in your ear is made of plastic with “L” and “R” imprinted on the surface.

Controls are located on a pill-shaped remote farther down the wire. The standard buttons double in function with holding down on the volume up key reading back your latest notifications, while the black (play/pause) button turns on the microphone for Assistant commands.

Besides offering first-party wired headphones following the removal of the 3.5mm audio jack a year earlier, Assistant is a key aspect of the Pixel USB-C earbuds. Google first notes the time before reading back alerts in your status bar. Another touted capability was real-time translations.


Reason Why Google Halt The Sales of Pixel USB-C earbuds.
This discontinuation does come as Google last year added the Assistant’s spoken notification feature to all wired headphones. That experience can be set up in the Google app after plugging in (Bluetooth devices excluded), and somewhat obviates the need for Made by Google to sell a dedicated pair. Meanwhile, the company has found relative success with the truly wireless second-gen Pixel Buds announced in 2019 and launched last year.

Besides that, they've seen to it that the market was flooded with wireless earbuds so the need to call off the pixel USB-C earbuds and be innovative following the footsteps of Apple first launched its Airpods 3 years ago.
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