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CAMON 15 Series  |  2021-1-22 18:13 TECNO CD7 2258

user_header.jpg phone ????
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Dr.Dremble 3 #

I know, it's an old thread but still, do you really need Photoshop or 3d Paint for this kind of work? I mean, I'm not an expert here, but it seems like an easy job to combine two images together. I was trying to learn PS on a proficient level but gave up at some point when I got that there are many more user-friendly apps. Especially when you need smth simple like combine images, crop or delete objects, and colorize pictures with the help of https://imagecolorizer.com/app.html, etc. Anyway, did you get a new rear swing out? Would you recommend it?
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fb230508522409 2 #

ow, I've just colorized such a photo (it was an old photo)
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