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Survey and feedbacks have shown that users take up to five pictures with the same or similar posture before making a choice on which one is best for keeps or to post. And most times, the remaining four will not be trashed.

Users tend to take too many pictures at a time just to end up liking only few. These few, left in the phone will continue to occupy the phone space, and make the gallery untidy. Thus, finding a particular picture will require so many scroll and attention.

On the other hand, users find it frustrating, unease and time wasting to visit the gallery and delete these pictures occupying the phone space one after the other. It takes energy and time.

Having Duplicate images, dark, burry and most especially, so many unnecessary pictures friends send to WhatsApp chat and group that get downloaded to the gallery without the user’s consent are more devastating and storage consuming than all.

At the same time, pictures represent memories. Those happy moment of a user’s life. These could be; a birthday shot, wedding shots, travel photos, beautiful moments that should be cherish for a long time, users want them framed or mixed together, placed side by side digitally.
In the past, users will have to download different apps to put their pictures together, add some beautiful frames and at the end, get their picture quality reduced.

With all these in consideration, you must be asking in your mind, How can this be solve with just few taps? Is there no way to save the time and stress deleting duplicate, blurry, dark, and annoying WhatsApp images? How can I retain my picture qualities but low image size to preserve memory space, or must I always install apps before making a photo collage? Sighs…

The Simple answer is NOT ANYMORE!

On AI Gallery, User can easily delete duplicate images without looking for them, Compress images without losing quality and saving storage space. Create photo collage without installing any app.
The Clean feature automatically scan through the whole gallery and pick up the following images:
Similar images, blur images, Dark images and WhatsApp images.

You can decide which one to keep and have the rest deleted or delete all at the same time.
Same way with the image compressor, it automatically displays large size pictures and you can simply tap and have it Compress to a low size without losing any quality.

The collage maker simply allows you to select the number of photos you want to mix together and you have the choice to give it any design, frame, texture, text, filter and so on.

To access all these amazing tools,
Open the AI Gallery App, swipe three times to the left or touch the Tools menu at the button and you will see the clean, compress and collage option there.

Tell us in the comment section your experience or opinion about this simple tool for stressful task.

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I love these simple tool. Now, the stress is over
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