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[Tutorial] understanding Adobe Lightroom (part one)

Photographies  |  2021-2-2 12:34 TECNO CD7 049


General Editing Controls
The first step this tutorial for Lightroom Mobile is to understand the basic editing controls. These are the same throughout the app. There are sliding and tapping tools that provide useful ways to quickly edit a photo. You’ll learn them below so let’s get started.

You can either move the slider to the right or left to increase or decrease the effect or you can tap to incrementally increase or decrease the effect.

Before View
To see the unedited original image of the photo, touch and hold on the center of the image. The screen will toggle back to the old image so you can see the edits.

Hidden Image Features
*A single tap on the photo takes you to a full view of the photo
*Tap again then you are back in editing options
*Zoom in and image by pulling and pinching
*Tap on the image with two fingers to see some info about the image
*Tap with two fingers again and you see the histogram


Redo Buttons
Tap the curved arrow to take you back one step. To redo the image hold your finger down on the back one button and slide down to the redo button.

Reset An Image
To reset the image, scroll right to the very end of the editing menu until you see the reset option. Tap on the reset and you will see that you can choose from the original edits or the last step.

Pro Tip: If you think you may over-edit the image while you adjust the slider with one hand, tap on the image with the other. This will show a black screen, then as you slide right highlights will gradually increase to show the overexposure or overediting.

Try playing with the general editing controls explained above on lightroom so as to get a better idea of their various functions and how best they affect images. Do this till you're sure of each functions.

see you guys on my next episode.
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