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Hello T-Fans,
Mobile phone photography/cinematography is one aspect that is quite interesting. Users of various devices want to capture events and activities in various modes as they happen without losing any detail. Some like the events in real-time, while some like it in slow motion. There is one of the reasons when these options are present in the camera features.


One of such amazing features present on the HiOS 7 camera is the Slow Motion feature. This feature allows you to records up to 960 frames of slow-motion photography. You can actually select which frame per sec you want in the Slow Motion settings (960 FPS, 240 FPS, and 120 FPS) and enjoy amazing slow-motion capability. This is the first time an HiOS powered device is coming with a slow-motion feature.

Recording in slo-mo can actually be cool when you want to make emphasize a particular image and you want your viewers to pay attention. It lets you see the details in a more vivid way so you don’t miss anything.

How to Activate the Slow Motion feature
Activating the feature is so simple, it can be located in almost any mode once the camera is turned on.

Step 1: Open the Camera
Step 2: Swipe up to reveal a hidden menu
Step 3: Click on Slow-Motion

Try it now and let us know!

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Ruth Anne 72 #

Can't older model be upgrade to HiOS 7? This really sucks!
2021-6-25 23:16 Like(0)

ILLUMINATI brotherhood 71 #

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30635611 70 #

give phone po
2021-2-23 02:36 Like(1)

ts30777277 69 #

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30771824 68 #

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30771001 67 #

que cuesta el teléfono
2021-2-18 22:02 Like(0)

lucky6 66 #

my favorite feature on my camon 16
2021-2-18 07:14 Like(0)

Alieu w. Seekey 65 #

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Baba Kay 64 #

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Ronnie se 63 #

amazing ????
2021-2-16 21:58 Like(0)

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