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6 Career Mistakes Job Seekers Should Avoid

TECNO Boys  |  2021-2-4 09:17 TECNO CH9n 51322


Despite possessing a good work experience and skill set, sometime candidates lose out on a good opportunity. Some of them commit cardinal mistakes which leads to dismissal by recruiters.

Instead of keeping recruiters guessing, as is the case often, do your bit and provide all relevant details. Time-crunched recruiters, who are swamped by hundreds of resumes every day, usually end up spending time on applications that are complete, and which do not need them to ferret out information.

If a recruiter specifies that phone calls are not welcome, it is best to adhere to it. It not only ensures that the resume reaches the right person at the right time with the right information, but also underlines your willingness to take instructions.

Job portals give you the option of applying in the quickest manner to all jobs by clicking just once on ‘Apply’. This practice, however, is best avoided. Instead, use the preview option and edit it to suit the position on offer. It is very important to customize the job application. Many job searchers often send group e-mails and generic resumes to recruiters. This is the worst mistake one can make, and cuts a very shabby picture and shows the applicant’s desperation and lackadaisical attitude.

Organizations hire on the basis of what the candidate brings to the table and not on a first-come-first serve basis. So never rush! Double check your application details on the job board, resume and cover letter before sending them. Applications and cover letters filled with typos, accompanied with unformatted resumes will create a negative impression.

In a bid to attract a recruiters’ attention, many candidates resort to flashy formatting including fancy footers, flamboyant language or even a personal pleas in the comments section. Recruiters do not spend more than a few seconds perusing a CV and only if it evokes their interest are they likely to go through it in details. So ensure smart formatting and the correct choice of words.

Online applications also need follow-ups. For instance, if you do not hear from the recruiter within seven to 10 days, it is best to follow up on your application. Don’t call or mail recruiters every other day. The key is to be polite and show interest in the position while enquiring about your application.
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Måx Wêll 6 #

it's true
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32483319 5 #

All info spot on
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Amachree Destiny 4 #

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Amachree Destiny 3 #

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michaelpears 2 #

I think that this article is helpful and valuable, but at the same time, it is not that current. I mean, after this pandemic situation, people will turn to remote jobs as they seem more interesting, convenient, and safe. When I lost my job, I had no clue what to do, and how to go on. I was disappointed as I developed my career in a big company, and suddenly I was fired because of this situation created by Covid-19. Now, looking back, I can tell that it was a lucky beginning as I stumbled on an article and found what are the best stay at home jobs. Now, I work as a translator from home, and it is cool. I feel free and blessed because of working as a freelancer.
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