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[Tutorial] Understanding Adobe Lightroom (part 3)

Photographies  |  2021-2-5 04:30 TECNO CD7 071


Hello guys , I want to thank everyone who has been following this series , the best way to understand this writings is to practice everything you read on the lightroom mobile app, the more you practice, the more understanding you get.

Today I'll be talking about Lighting Panel Tips and Tricks
The light panel adjusts the color and tones in the image. Open it by tapping on the lightbulb. Then you’ll open the basic settings and see exposure, contrast, highlight, shadow, white and black slider. Lightroom Mobile has many sliders continue to read this tutorial to learn what each one specifically does.

Exposure- Influences the middle range and brightness of the image. Tap on the 0 above the image, or slide right to increase the exposure.

Contrast- Adjusts the bright white or dark blacks range in the photo.

Highlight- Adjusts items that are in the middle range of brightness. Often images have overexposed portions and you’ll want to drag the slider to the left to decrease the highlights.

Shadow- Adjusts dark areas in the image but not the black colors. The black tones have their slider.

Whites or Blacks- Adjusts only the pure whites or blacks in the image.

Adjusting the Curve
Adjusting the curve may sound complicated, but this tutorial for Lightroom mobile we teach you some quick tips. Once you open the curve option on the app there is a diagonal line throughout the box. There are three terms on the bottom. On the left, it says shadows, mid-tones, and highlights. The bottom 1/3 represents the shadows, the middle area represents the mid-tones, and the top is the highlights. Easily adjust the curve for the whole shot or edit individually by the color. In the color setting, you can also edit the exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, and blacks. Play around with these settings, and to reset the slider just double-tap

Take time to practice this steps , that's the main reason I'm taking time to release this tutorial in parts , so we all can practice each steps gradually.
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