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What is Auto-Start Management
Auto-Start management simply is a system that allows you to control which app starts up with your phone when you reboot it or when you power it up for the first time. The auto-start management is designed to help save both battery and data by allowing only commonly used apps to run seamlessly while rarely used apps are restricted from working in the background until you open them.


Why You Need Auto-Start Management?

The Auto-Start Management is designed for the following reasons:
•        To help cut down battery usage on users’ device by restricting rarely used from running in the background
•        To help users save data used by some apps in the background
•        To increase the speed and efficiency of the device by limiting unnecessary RAM usage

P.S: Auto-start Management can delay notifications on restricted apps so you won’t get notifications from such apps until you open them

Intelligent Optimization
This is a system designed on Phone master to Intelligently select your commonly used apps and make them automatically allowed to auto-start on your device. This means that your phone recognizes your most commonly used apps and then automatically categorizes them to Auto Start whenever you power on/reboot your device.

However, whenever you install a new app (and you want it to auto-start), you would need to manually enable the new app in the auto-start setting. This is quite simple. Just go to the Auto-Start menu and stroll to the new app and enable it.

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HIos 7.0 Is it release for tecno proviur 4?
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so good
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No imei show that a reason
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that is so good
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That's great.
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