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[Tutorial] Understanding Adobe Lightroom (part 4)

Photographies  |  2021-2-6 14:24 TECNO CD7 077


Hello guys, today I'll be talking about;
Color Panel Tips and Tricks
The color panel is where you can play with the color in any image. The general color settings include adjusting the temperature, tint, vibrance, and saturation. Here is a complete tutorial on how to use the color panel in Lightroom Mobile.

Temp and Tint
Adjust the cool or warm temperatures in the image. Slide right for a warmer temp and left for a cooler temp. By doing this you’ll get a more bluish or yellow color to your image. Adjust the tint to change the shade of color in your image.

Adjusting Color Saturation
The vibrance slider adjusts the color more subtly. It increases the bright colors but has less of an effect in colors such as yellows and skin tones. The Saturation increases the intensity of all the colors in the image. I suggest using vibrance if you are editing photos of people.

White balance
An overly yellow shot is due to the color of the light when the picture was taken. You can adjust it by tapping on the menu option “as shot” to change the filter. You can choose from custom options underneath like auto or daylight. To adjust the white balance another way tap on the eyedropper tool and move the bullseye to a place on the image that is neutral gray to adjust the white balance.

Color Mixer
In the color mixer, you can change the hue saturation and lightness of a specific color. Often you don’t know exactly what color it is because often the color range crosses over to more than one color. Begin by tapping on the bullseye to adjust the color, hue, and saturation of the colors. Then tap on the specific area of the photo you would like to adjust. Next, two or more colors will light up in the bottom color menu. Lastly, move the slider left or right to increase or decrease the hue. Next, tap on the saturation, and luminance to adjust the colors.

That's all for today guys. see you in my next episode
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