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[Tutorial] Understanding Adobe Lightroom (part 5)

Photographies  |  2021-2-8 07:31 XYZ 71348

Hello guys, I really appreciate everyone who has been following this series, makes me want to do more.
Today I'll be talking about the Effects Panel in Lightroom Mobile:


With the texture tool, you can now create a smooth look or defined texture. If you are editing a portrait it will look better if you decrease the texture tool. If you want to show detail in food or close up nature photos adding texture can improve the mobile photo.

Dehaze can be a great effect if you have a cloudy scene in the background. Sometimes the dehaze slider will increase the grain and saturation. So be aware of increasing the dehaze effect too high.

Clarity can add depth and perspective to your image. It can be used to make the image more distinct. You don’t want to increase it too much or your image may have an unnatural or hdr look. Decrease the clarity to create a softer look. This feature can be used in portraits to create a lighter softer glow.

The vignette feature adds a white or black look to the edge of the photo. This can be a good way to bring the attention of the viewer to the center to the image. Adjust the feather to add even more softness to the vignette.

Converting an Image to Split Tones
Tap on the box next to the words split toning in the “Effects Panel”. When you use this tool it works best with an image that is detailed and in black and white. You can choose to change the background hue that is different from the object. A close-up flower in black and white is a good example. You can adjust the color of the highlights to an orange color and the shadows to a blue. This will create a sepia or rustic film view. Most times I like to just play with this and see whatever I can create that best fits the image.

That's all for today guys, next episode drops tomorrow, don't forget to always practice as that remains the best way to understanding everything you read here . Enjoy your day.
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very insightful
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thanks for info
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thanks for info ,
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Kamon acen
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