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The Multi-Camera System on TECNO Devices.

Photographies  |  2021-2-10 11:40 0461

Hello T-fans.

This is a follow-up to the article "Smartphone Camera Terminologies Explained".

This article targets the essence of the multi-camera system available on recent TECNO devices.

136049222_3767766066599999_2078602391603594938_o (1).jpg

UltraWide Camera: The primary rear cameras on TECNO devices (e.g. the CAMON 16) are known as wide cameras. Their FoV (Field of View) is wider than traditional digital cameras. An Ultra-Wide camera pushes this further, allowing you to fit in more subject in your photos. It is the equivalent of taking a few steps back to get more in frame with a standard camera. Ultra-Wide cameras let you do that without having to move a few steps backwards.

To understand how much an Ultra-Wide camera can fit into a photo, there's a need to understand Focal Length (measured in mm) and Field of View (FoV) measured in degrees. A high Focal Length gives you a narrow Field of View, while a low Focal Length gives you a wide Field of View. See image below.


108684721_3270909922952285_2841477896913980014_o (1).jpg
Macro Camera: A macro camera is a dedicated camera that is optically optimized to handle extremely close focusing distances and can take sharp, highly detailed images of microscopic subjects. It is used to achieve close-up, magnified images of very small things. An example of which is insects, flowers, water droplets, etc. A macro camera helps you achieve rich photographic details of these tiny objects unnoticeable to the naked eye. An example of which is the image below, shot by one of our CAMON Experience Officer (CEO), ABCDEE_David, on the CAMON 15.

Depth Sensor: Depth sensors are often used for portrait mode photos, with the sensor capturing information to ensure that the subject is in focus and the background is pleasantly out of focus. This means professionally styled blur effects and better augmented reality rendering through either the front or rear camera. See photo below.


Low Light Sensor: You'll find this on the CAMON 16 Premier, which is a camera sensor that excels in dim lighting conditions. On the CAMON 16 Premier, it is a dedicated camera to capturing low-light video.


For more on cameras available on TECNO devices, visit our official web page.

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