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Hello T-fans,
Navigating our smartphones is an art we perfect every day as we continually use our mobile phones. We gradually begin to know where and where certain apps on our devices are with less effort every day. This is because our brain learns to memorize the location of things from the last time we used them.

Some of the features and apps on our devices fall into the “commonly used” category, while others fall into “rarely used”. This does not in any way mean that the rarely used ones are not important, that would be a wrong assumption. For example, you can’t say because you rarely use the calculator, it is not useful or necessary. This is because the day you would need a calculator, nothing else would matter except the calculator.

Designating signs and gestures to launch our commonly used or rarely used apps or features seems to be a pretty good idea. This is because it would save a lot of time and brain energy used.

micro intelligence .png

With the help of AI technology, HiOS implemented this intelligence in a micro way to assist smart device users to easily navigate, and access their phones easily by just drawing specific signs to open specific apps without pressing the power button to wake up the phone from idle mode or when the screen light is off.

On TECNO HiOS devices, users can easily launch different tools or apps from their locked phones without waking up or pressing the power button.

There are functions like double-tapping the black screen to wake up the phone, drawing a Double U (W) to launch WhatsApp, picking up the phone and screen light lights up, drag to different sides of the screen to play, next and pause music, Flip phone to mute incoming calls, grab a screenshot of the phone by simply sliding down with 3 fingers, wave your hands over front camera to answer or reject calls, etc.

Micro intelligence is a very intuitive feature that gives a warm and quick user experience that makes usage easy and smooth.

To access these amazing features, go to your phone settings – Smart assistant – micro intelligence and activate any gesture of your choice.

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faze viper 10 #

it's amazing, smart phone with smart experience.
2021-2-25 15:30 Like(1)

Lighthouse 9 #

very comprehensive
2021-2-25 15:11 Like(0)

237114686640 8 #

by the way, I do not see the Read Mode and Multiple screen tools anymore after the system update. why is that??
2021-2-25 11:56 Like(0)

502217640 7 #

update system my Tecno pova stay on July 2020 update system please
2021-2-25 11:15 Like(0)

30799687 6 #

Do spark 4 have pick to ear to answer the call
2021-2-25 10:47 Like(2)

30540448 5 #

ila mim sim yangu inasubua ina jamu sana nini tatizo
2021-2-25 09:58 Like(1)
  • : й

    2021-2-25 14:01

  • 30814569 : Piga tshombo lako tshini Mara tatu nguvu kabisa, Kisha uyi tiye mu mayi siku ine.

    2021-2-25 10:35

God loves me 4 #

thanks for this
2021-2-25 09:40 Like(1)

shadie 3 #

Good stuff HiOS
2021-2-25 09:31 Like(1)

Joshuaboy 2 #

Cool stuff. Nice one HiOS
2021-2-25 09:29 Like(1)

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