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My First Year in School

Campus  |  2021-2-28 02:24 SM-G950U 3123

I got admitted into the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University in December 2017, it was a joy compared to none getting admitted after the fourth trial.
I proceeded to do my registration the first week, it was a very windy and cold day and I could remember walking in circles as I didn't know the right way to my department, I was even feeling too proud to ask anyone the right way, thankfully I found my friend Blessing, we were in SBRS together and she took me there, I got to the department feeling like I owned the place, I had all my papers ready and I was the first in line.


Getting admitted is always a front as a whole new world lies in front of you, we resumed in January and I was among the first batch that completed their registration, I stayed in the school hostel, I chose the farthest block because I loved walking a lot, imagine me, I was at the prestigious Ribadu hostel, block EE.
There I met the most amazing girls and we became fast friends.


Classes soon began and I was so excited I was going to be an architect after all.

On my way to class with my tee square

I made lots of friends, friends from SBRS majorly at first. I was shy at first but everybody knows my name now, I'm pretty much the noisemaker.

At a function in kontagora square

I was busy enjoying my stay in school, making friends, hanging out, eating out, I was so busy in the honeymoon phase of being in school and tests came, everybody was in a mad frenzy of reading from midnight till mornings, we soon blended into being serious again, tests results came we passed some, we flopped in some.

Me and my department buddies after the exams

Exams came and thankfully we were ready, most of us passed and some flopped, we are still struggling to make it, relatively it hasn't been easy but all thanks to God. it has been really worthwhile.
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Good one
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