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[Tutorial] Adobe Lightroom Presets

Photographies  |  2021-3-2 08:42 TECNO CD7 0164


Hello guys.
Sometimes we spend a lot of time trying to edit images to perfection and when it is done we spend more time again trying to recreate the previous edits on another image and this can be stressful and really tiring. So I recommend creating these edits as presets instead.

I can’t stress how much time presets will save you. Generally editing a photo from scratch can take anywhere from a minute to ten minutes to hours depending on how much work you want to put into the image.

so first of;
What is a Lightroom Preset?

A Lightroom preset is a configuration of settings, designed to achieve a certain look or style of your photo. You install the presets into your lightroom and then when you click on a particular preset while in the develop module, the pre-determined (pre-set) settings will apply to that photo. With just one click on a preset, your photo can be altered in hundreds of different pre-set alterations to colors, hues, shadows, contrast, grain and more. The beauty of using presets is the consistency of style, time-management, and simplicity they bring to your editing sessions. If you find presets that work for your style, you can speed up your workflow dramatically and you can achieve the colors and look you want without needing to edit each photo individually. Once you click on the preset and it applies to your photo, you can then make manual adjustments because it is likely the preset won’t be perfect on every photo. Lightroom presets are a good foundation but often you can still need to make several adjustments to each photo to make sure they are perfect.

To this end I will be introducing you guys to some Presets I created and  mostly use them to quickly create a perfect feel of my images, and I'm making it available for free download
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