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[HiOS Tips] Simple Trick to Recall All Important Codes on Your Smart Phone

HiOS  |  2021-3-3 08:09 2861446

Hello T-fans,
You just got a new SIM card and you are yet to memorize the mobile number.  You go out to an important function and you meet this great person you have always wanted to meet for a long time. You guys get along pretty well and when it was time to part, he requests your number. Herein lies the problem, you don’t know the number of your device. Worse still, you don’t know the code to recall the “My number” feature. You say, well, let me google it, but you found out there is no internet connection on your device at the location. You are devastated. The man is in a hurry so he leaves without you being able to recall your mobile number.

We might have found ourselves in similar situations and it's not always pleasant even to remember. But it's not our fault we can’t remember a particular code, there are so many things our mind has to process. We mostly remember things we use frequently.
Imagine you don’t have to suffer such fate anymore… all you need to do is press the button and all the shortcodes you require pops up… smart idea, right?

instant ussd1200.png

But no need to imagine, this feature is already available on HiOS. With the press of just one key, all the codes show up. So, no need to memorize any code, just say the magic word. The key that does all this magic is the * key on your dialer.

So all you need to do is open your dialer, press the * key, and all shortcode pop up! As simple as ABC!

Have you tried this feature?

Open your dialer now and give it a shot… share a screenshot too...

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30228206 26 #

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ILLUMINATI brotherhood 25 #

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ILLUMINATI brotherhood 24 #

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30951068 23 #

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30036230 22 #

thank you God bless
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Ibboss 21 #

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30701762 20 #

it didn't work on phone i dont know why... tecno lc8
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30885426 19 #

thank you God bless you
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Yinksy09 18 #

Thank you for this information
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