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February 5th 2021 Google Security Patch Update: Now Available for CAMON 15.

CAMON 15 Series  |  2021-3-5 02:22 91978

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Hello T-fans.

The February 5th Google Security Patch Update for CAMON 15 is now available for download. Addressing issues of vulnerabilities, bugs, and user complains, the update arrived yesterday (4/03/2021) at exactly 6:15pm. File size is 231mb downloadable via Wi-Fi or Mobile Data.

To update your device, go to settings>system>system update>online update>continue>check for update>download/resume>select either to use mobile data or Wi-Fi throughout the download process. See photo guide below.








After the download process is complete, scroll to the bottom of the page to click on "restart now".


Your device will temporarily go off to return with an HIOS installation update animation.

On completion, your device will automatically power on itself to finish the Android update set up, followed by a congratulatory message of a successful process.


Ensure your battery is above 50% before initiating the update process. In a situation where your battery is below 50%, you'll not be provided the option to install the update until connected to a power source.


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ILLUMINATI brotherhood 10 #

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ts30941769 9 #

Mon téléphone me signale qu'il faut faire une mise a jour mais quand je lance on me sit batterie faible et rien NB e se passe plus.que faire parce je subi déjà les conséquences
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Galahai 7 #

my camera on coma 15 primero  it is upsidedown how can I set it or you set up for me.
2021-3-14 07:28 Like(0)

30929622 6 #

اللي تحديث البرامج الجديده بتاع العده اللي نازله جديده دي اللي هي بتنزل عشان نخلص الباب
2021-3-14 05:03 Like(0)

30929622 5 #

الديسك بتاع العده الجديده بتاعه فيسبوك بتاع العده الجديده ولا بتنزل البرامج الجديد
2021-3-14 05:02 Like(0)

30929622 4 #

2021-3-14 05:01 Like(0)

30929622 3 #

ديفا بتاع العده الجديده بتاعت تحديثها
2021-3-14 05:00 Like(0)

Yinksy09 2 #

Thanks for this
2021-3-7 15:29 Like(0)


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