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How to Share GIF on Instagram

Work from home  |  2021-3-8 23:15 4735

Hey guys I got a GIF from my friend and I want to add a sound in it and share on my Instagram feed. How can I do this in TunesKit AceMovi?
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michaelpears 5 #

Gif is a very basic graphics format that does not and never will support sound. You'll need to make a video if you want to make animation with sound. I tried different apps for adding sounds on GIFs. However, the only way you can do it is to change the format into a video. After that, it's already easy. Here's more info on how you can upload a video on Instagram https://macpaw.com/how-to/share-video-on-instagram. Hopefully, I could help. Let me know if it worked, bud!
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TomSands 4 #

I think I agree with you. I've never seen a GIF with sound, either. Maybe you'll be the first to do it. I wish you good luck with that. As for choosing exciting content, it's a good idea. This will help you attract more subscribers. Of course, this is relevant if you are interested in it. Many bloggers and not only buy subscribers to develop their accounts or business page. Everyone has their own goals. In any case, a popular account allows you to earn good money. We can see this from the bloggers on Instagram, who does nothing special but make a lot of money.
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ts68848986 3 #

I do not even know... I think it can be done. Only I don't think there are GIFs with sound. Usually there is no sound in them. Why would you even do that? Come up with something more interesting that will attract likes and subscribers.
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ILLUMINATI brotherhood 2 #

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