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How to make money as a smartphone photographer

Photographies  |  2021-3-16 06:29 TECNO CD7 3878



Hello guys.
As the saying goes "Time is Money" and normally, money comes as a result of work done with time.

A lot of us run a very expensive hobby which is "mobile photography". we spend alot of time creating images and exploring the beauty of arts , nature, and lots more using our mobile devices, and making little or no profit income at the end.

I was once in that category of running an expensive hobby until I got to know more about Product Photography. That is one aspect of photography that could serve as a source of funds/income to any mobile photographer.

I'll define Product Photography as Marketing through image creativity. and I'll give you two business areas where your skills could earn you money.

1) There are lots of small businesses around us that require our services for cheap advert creations, an example of such business is a make up artist/make over studios, these people need pictures to send messages to customers about the services they render and they would pay you to edit pictures for them and create a perfect scene images for marketing their services.

2) Online sales marketing is currently a global trend and we have friends who deal on online sales and you can take advantage of this opportunity and start creating images of their products for a certain price, that way you can earn money while you spend time creating images to get customers attention. starting this way might even take you the bigger industries.

for starters , you might want to charge low prices so as to get more patronage, as people will always take advantage of cheap services, that way you can start building up your chain of customers.

All images you see above were taken by me with the Tecno Camon 15
ps: I will posting my work pictures more often so you can understand what I'm talking about.
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Yinksy09 4 #

Amazing. The Tecno Camon 16 will be the best smartphone tool for your mobile photography.
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michaelpears 3 #

Honestly, at the beginning when I took photos and uploaded them on social media, I did it just because I like it, and then I found out that I can make money from it. Too bad I didn't know before, I found out later from a friend of mine. But I did not know how I could get this money and how I could manage it. He told me that I needed a little knowledge and advised me to turn to these people https://wealthtender.com/insights/money-management/what-is-a-financial-coach/. They explained to me how I can make money from everything I do or post on the Internet, this knowledge helped me a lot. Before I posted pictures of different landscapes from wherever I traveled, now I focused on pictures from different events in people's lives, such as weddings, birthdays, or festivals.
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ILLUMINATI brotherhood 2 #

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