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Campus  |  2021-3-22 08:50 itel W5504 28828

I had just had three 2-hours lecture in a row (trust me nothing can be more grueling)
plus an assignment with a very close deadline. I was tired, hungry and drained..
I sat at the quadrangle dreading the long walk to Idia with an empty belly..

Next thing I heard was someone calling my name from the adjacent block, I pretended as if I didn't hear. I was in no mood for chitchat with any coursemate. T
hank God the person persisted..

Turned out to be an old friend from secondary school ????. that was how baba said I was looking stressed and would like to take me out???? Ope o!

went straight for my all time bestie, Shopright pastries..

nothing sets the day right better than cupcakes and icecream????


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Yinksy09 18 #

That’s lovely
2021-3-29 14:50 Like(1)

_dmrquick 16 #

2021-3-28 23:05 Like(1)

31031245 15 #

2021-3-27 08:08 Like(1)

31031245 14 #

it's nice
2021-3-27 08:07 Like(1)

Uc Best 13 #

2021-3-27 04:22 Like(1)

German 12 #

2021-3-26 17:03 Like(1)

selaw 11 #

your submission is under the wrong location.
change your location to nigeria,then submit again under the right section.
2021-3-26 10:44 Like(0)
  • Engraced.. : but my location is Nigeria right now. that was the very first thing I did after installing the app.

    2021-3-30 01:58

selaw 10 #

2021-3-26 10:43 Like(1)

Aliamsrufus699@gmail.com 9 #

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2021-3-26 07:56 Like(0)
  • Engraced.. : lol.. me see shock.. Illuminati keh? I'm sure this is just another scammer..

    2021-3-30 01:56

  • 31031245 : what kind of madness that

    2021-3-27 08:08

UCEE 8 #

2021-3-26 07:07 Like(1)



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