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Hello T-Fans,
In the past few days, some Android users sent various reports to us that they have been experiencing an unusual “App crashing” issue on their devices. we looked into the matter as urgently as we could and we discovered that it was due to the latest version of the Android WebView app.

We devised a way to fix this problem and we have decided to share it with you so you can continue to enjoy a smooth uninterrupted mobile experience.

New Updates
Users are requested to update the Android System WebView app to (version 89.0.4389.105) and Google Chrome as well. Some devices do not have WebView pre-installed and only need to update Chrome.

To manually update Android System WebView and Google Chrome right now:
- Open the Play Store app.
- Search for “Android System WebView.”
- Select Update. If it doesn't say “Update”, skip this step.
- Repeat these steps for Google Chrome

Note: We do not recommend manually uninstalling updates to WebView. It may result in the loss of data from some apps.

In some rare cases in Android 10, a manual update of WebView or Chrome may fail to complete. Here are additional steps users can take to resolve the issue:

- Open your phone’s Settings app.
- Tap Apps & notifications > Google Play Store > Storage & cache > Clear Data

Please note that doing this will clear some of your Play Store settings like parental controls, auto-update preferences, etc.  Please recheck these settings after following these steps.

Repeat the steps above to update WebView and Chrome

Previous steps:
Note: However, some devices already have Android system WebView disabled on their device. Well, as it turns out, this component to display web content in apps has been replaced by Google Chrome on some devices. Hence, you’ll have to disable or uninstall updates from Google Chrome updates on your device.

To uninstall Chrome updates:

-        Open Settings
-        Click on App Management
-        Select App Settings
-        Click on Chrome
-        Tap on the three dots at the top right-hand corner and select on Uninstall updates


To Uninstall Android System WebView, follow the same steps:

android view.png

Uninstalling the latest updates from Google Chrome and Android System WebView should stop apps from crashing on your device. Do note that if your data on Chrome isn’t synced with an account, you will lose all of it.

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When will the Android 11 update take place?
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me siento incomodo con la nueva actualización

-el Hios Falla
- La barra de notificaciones esta Bug y es muy grande
- problemas con el sonido
Porfavor si hay una solución háganmelo saber. Gracias
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