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Hello T- Fans,
Chatting is something we all do from time to time on our smartphones. While some love it and can spend the whole day doing it, for others, it is pure stress. Some of us have a lot of friends that we chat with, send messages and others are wonderful story writers. There are some people who go the extra mile to download third-party keyboards on their phones because they want to type faster as the default keyboard is limiting.

To send a message or type, we start by pressing a letter on the keyboard one after the other to make a word. The faster you can press each letter, the faster you are at typing. A very fast typist makes use of both hands to type when chatting to make it smoother.
Now, do you know with one finger, you can type as fast as the person using both hands by just easily sliding your fingers across the letters on the keyboard to get a word you want?

Type Like a Pro.png

Instead of taping the letters one after the other, you can easily and quickly drag from the first letter of the word to the last and have your keyboard bring out the right word in suggestions. This can be done with just one finger.

It's super easy, fast, convenient, and less error.

For example, this article was written using a sliding finger on TECNO Camon 16 Premier.

This can be very helpful when you're walking on the road, even on the bus, and save you the stress of tapping letters one after the other. The ease in sliding Finger is a cool experience you must check out.

Gather here let us share this piece of useful information. doesn't need any setup, or setting, just drag your finger across the keyboard and have your desired word displayed.

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Ruth Anne 25 #

its GBoard
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ts31164897 24 #

Hi I'm new I like tecno
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31081415 23 #

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  • Evgenii : https://spot.tecno.com/global/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=151680

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  • 503301540 : jg

    2021-4-9 20:51

Big Daddy's 22 #

I like
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Yinksy09 21 #

This will be very helpful and reduce the stress of typing.
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31032847 19 #

how can I improve the quality of my photos
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Aliamsrufus699@gmail.com 18 #

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Gh Mustafa 17 #

I use mobile tecno spark 5 pro amazing
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Tafari Jahudah Bco El-Jah 16 #

I really am enjoying using Tecno spark 4
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25767911164517376 15 #

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