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SAVE YOUR PHONE FROM FREEZING or CRASHING NOW Share usage & diagnostics information with Google

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Hi Tfans To help improve your Android experience and to avoid getting your phone freezing or app crashing, you can let your device send GOOGLE information about how you use it and how it’s working.

You should check this out and activate it to prevent your Apps from getting freezing

If you have additional Web & App Activity turned on, this info may be stored with your account. If so, you can see and delete it in My Activity. We use this info to personalize your Google services more and to improve GOOGLE's products and services for everyone.

If you turn on usage and diagnostics, your device sends info to Google about what’s working and not working. For example, your device can send info like:

Battery level
How often you use your apps
Quality and length of your network connections (like mobile, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth)

To choose whether to send usage and diagnostics info to Google:
Open your device's Settings app.
Tap Google And then More  And then Usage & diagnostics.
Turn Usage & diagnostics on or off.
Tip: If you use a shared device, other user profiles may change this setting.

How Google uses this information
Google uses usage and diagnostics info to improve products and services, like Google apps and Android devices. All info is used in accordance with Google’s Privacy Policy, so you have to worry about data theft.

For example, Google can use usage and diagnostics info to improve:

Battery life: Google can use info about what's using the most battery on your device to help make common features useless battery.

Crashing or freezing on devices: Google can use info about when apps crash and freeze on your device to help make the Android operating system more reliable.
Some aggregated info can help partners, like Android developers, make their apps and products better, too.

Turn usage & diagnostics on or off
If you turn off usage and diagnostics, your device can still get essential services, like a new version of Android. Turning off usage and diagnostics won’t affect info that apps might collect.

Important: You're using a custom Android version. If these steps don't work for you, check with your device manufacturer.
What information is shared with Google

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