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Google Meet now shows more participants in your mobile video calls

General  |  2021-3-30 15:14 0697

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If you're in a Google Meet group video chat on a largescreen such as a desktop or laptop, you'll know the familiar tile layout thatshows several participants at once. This feature wasn't quite available tocallers on smartphones, however, until now.
Google is rolling out the tile view for Google Meet mobileusers. Curiously, it's coming to iOS devices first, with Android devices"coming soon". So, instead of focusing on one caller at a time duringa group video call, Google Meet will now show more participants. In ascreenshot of the feature, Google shows eight tiles for eight callers, with abubble at the bottom indicating additional participants.

Screenshot 2021-03-30 220709.jpg
This may seem like a very small feature, but it's animportant one given the times, and perhaps one that should've been rolled outmonths ago at the start of this year-long-and-counting pandemic. It allowspeople the opportunity to join a class, meeting, or be virtually social withthe ability to see everyone - all directly from their smartphones. No laptop ordesktop or large screen required.

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