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Hello T-Fans,
The screenshot feature is one of the most interesting features on a smartphone. It also happens to be one of great importance. Let rewind a bit to the days of early smartphones when screenshot hadn’t been invented yet. There was a similar feature called Munch where users would download the app and used it to screenshot pages. It was quite limiting and always had the annoying watermark that requires you to pay for the app before you can get rid of it.

Screenshot tools 1080.png

Now fast forward to the future of screenshots, where you could press some buttons, make a sign gesture or just press a button, and voila, you got a perfect screenshot! To screenshot on your device, there are 3 methods:

-        Press and hold the volume down key and power button simultaneously
-        Drag down 3 fingers on your phone screen
-        Drag down the notification panel and click on the screenshot icon

And that is not even all... you can do a lot more with the screenshot you just took like crop, edit, label, frame, and a lot more.
In this article, we would be examining the amazing tricks available on the inbuilt screenshot available on TECNO HiOS powered devices.

Super screenshot
This feature allows you to take a screenshot longer than the currently viewed page. Take, for example, you want to take a single screenshot of a document, but unfortunately, the document is quite lengthy and can fit into a mobile display page, this feature on the screenshot allows you to screen to the end of the page, even after screenshotting, thereby capturing the whole screenshot on just one page, instead of serial pages. So instead of having one page of the document or one picture in several screenshots, you can have the whole page as just one screenshot.

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-30 at 8.31.14 PM (4).jpeg

This feature is quite interesting. Say, for example, you want to take a screenshot but you don’t want it to look like a screenshot, you can add the frame of the device to it… this makes it appear like you took the picture of the phone, with the precise page you want showing on the screen. This makes a screenshot appear more professional and attractive.

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-30 at 8.31.14 PM.jpeg

This feature is also very important. It helps you to resize a screenshot taken on your device. Say, for example, you don’t want your friends to see the other part of a page, you can just screenshot the whole page and crop out the part you don’t want them to see.

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-30 at 8.31.14 PM (1).jpeg

This feature of the screenshot basically allows you to do 3 things:

-        Allows you to scribble or draw anything you like on the picture or document you just screenshotted. There are several color options of markers available. Just click on the preferred color and you are good to go.

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-30 at 8.31.14 PM (2).jpeg

-        Allows you to arrow something (usually when you want people to focus on it). So once you take the screenshot and click on the doodle, click on the arrow icon and draw an arrow in whatever direction you want on the screenshot.

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-30 at 8.37.01 PM.jpeg

-        Allows you to circle an important part of a screenshot. This is similar to the marker feature, but in this case, you can only draw a circle with it. The size of the circle is determined by you.

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-30 at 8.37.01 PM (1).jpeg

This feature works more like the blur option. Sometimes, some other things are present in a screenshot that is not necessary or supposed to be there. It's too late, you can’t delete it, but you can blur it out with a mosaic. This feature doesn’t remove the object entirely, it just makes it unreadable or “blurred” out in a mosaic.

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-30 at 8.31.14 PM (3).jpeg

This is a basic function. It allows you to share your screenshot instantly as you take them. Just click on this button and you are greeted with a variety of social media you can directly share your screenshot with/to.

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-30 at 8.31.14 PM (5).jpeg

So, assuming after you take a screenshot you change your mind, or the picture doesn’t capture what you intended to capture, you can just click on this button to delete the screenshot you just took. This saves you the strength of going to look for the screenshot in your AI Gallery

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Oh, thanks for the interesting article; I didn't know there were such privileges in the screenshot. I am engaged in blogging, and I have always used third-party applications for this, not knowing that you can do it already on the spot. At one time, I had a dilemma with my phone, and on my iPhone 6, I couldn't take screenshots. I could not understand why and how it works and decided to contact the service center, but my problem could not be solved. A friend advised me to use the service https://myhow.org/how-to/take-a-screenshot-on-iphone-6, where I found out what ways to fix this problem and how to still make a screenshot. The service is working, and now everything is fine. Even now, I will be able to use the screenshot privileges; it is advantageous.
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