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[HiOS Latest] New HiOS Launcher widget lets you open your favorite apps from the home screen

HiOS  |  2021-4-8 07:04 2853017

Hello T-fans
The new HiOS Launcher version, rolling out on the Google Play Store, comes with a new 4x1 "Recent apps" widget that lets you launch your favourite apps from the home screen.

The new Recent Apps widget, when placed on the home screen, shows four (4) of your frequently used apps stacked horizontally inside a white transparent background, and can be placed anywhere on the launcher. As its name implies, you'd guess the "Recent apps" widget changes every time you launch a new app, but it rather memorizes four of the apps you use frequently - just like the first four apps that show on top of your app drawer.
Screenshot_20210408-114900~2.png Screenshot_20210408-114957~2.png
New Recent Apps widget showing frequently used apps Frequently used apps on the app drawer

Either way, the Recent Apps widget will make launching your favourite apps easier, especially if you don't have them on your home screen before. To add the widget to your home screen, first head over to the Play Store to update the HiOS Launcher, then follow the steps below.
     ♠ Long-press a space on your home screen
     ♠ Tap Widget
     ♠ Slide the widgets to the left to find "Recent apps 4x1"
     ♠ Tap on the widget to add it to your home screen.
What'd you think about the new Recent apps widget? Drop your thoughts and feedback in the comments section below. Also, don't forget to like and follow me here for more.  
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31689704 20 #

i tired to change my hios launcher app grid to standard so I can swipe left and right but I don't see any options to change it
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ts78300722 19 #

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Ruth Anne 18 #

Why can't update my HiOS version to 7 and up?
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30298917 16 #

i also need plzz
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30765950 15 #

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30298822 14 #

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Ajie87 13 #

This Recent apps is Compatible for Android 11
2021-4-14 01:59 Like(0)

ts31140732 12 #

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Rich and famous 11 #

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30707071 10 #

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