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Tecno Phantom X Pro Preview

Phantom 9  |  2021-4-12 22:07 TECNO LD7 194240

Tecno Phantom X Pro Preview: As per previous leaks, we shared some interesting details including first live images of the incoming Tecno Phantom X Pro. And it’s definitely going to be the best smartphone released by Tecno Mobile till date.

Today, we have some new information about 5 features you should expect to see in the Phantom X Pro when it launches. Thanks to @Maii_HD for all the leaks and information regarding the device so far.



Tecno Phantom X Pro Preview: Top 5 Features

1. Always on Display

The always on display means the screen of the Tecno Phantom X Pro won’t be totally off. This way, you can have a quick peak at the notification and see what is going on in the device.

From our previous update, we can confirm that the Phantom X Pro will have a slightly curved display around the edges. And we also confirmed that there won’t be a notification led. So, the always on display feature will serve as your notification led.

2. 90Hz Refresh Rate

Aside from coming with a curved AMOLED display, the phone will also rock smooth 90Hz refresh rate. This means you’ll enjoy scrolling through the display and playing games will be more fun.

And under the display and brightness settings, you can set the display to standard 60Hz refresh rate or just rock the 90Hz straight up. As @Maii_HD said in his YouTube video, let’s rock the smooth 90Hz when it drops. So, we don’t know about you, but when we finally gets our hands on the device, we’ll be rocking the 90Hz refresh rate to the full.

3. 50MP Main Camera

For a flagship device of the company, 50MP might seem a little less. Considering the fact that the Camon 16 Premier came with a 64MP sensor and it’s not even flagship device for the company. But, quality photos goes beyond just huge camera sensors.

Which is why you should look out for the 50MP main camera of the Phantom X Pro. The camera is coming with a more recent software, better sensor and ISP, which means improvement for the photo quality. So if there is one thing you’ll love about this phone, then it’s the photo qualities.

Also the night mode of the 50MP main camera of the Phantom X Pro is incredible. Tecno Mobile has worked to improved the TAIVOS software to help improve the quality of night photos.

Quick Note: Phantom X Pro is coming with a triple rear camera not quad rear as earlier stated. More updates coming soon.

4. MediaTek Helio G95

The Helio G95 chipset will be powering the Phantom X Pro. And it’s just an excellent SoC to power a phone. First, the chipset come with an Octa-core processor clocked above 2.0GHz which is really fast.

Second, the Helio G95 chipset is a gaming chipset developed by MediaTek which means it is designed to handle heavy task. Third, the chipset has power efficiency cores which is expected to keep the phone cool while working.

And thanks to the Helio G95 chipset, the device will have up to 8GB of RAM and 256GB internal storage with space for microSD card. Incredible stuff right?

5 Premium Design

Unlike the previous phones from Tecno, the Phantom X Pro is presumed to be the first to have Glass front, glass back and aluminium frame. We don’t know if all model of the device will get this premium treat but this device is different.

The slightly curved edges is also a good touch and according to @Maii_HD, holding the device feels really premium.

So what you are to expect from the incoming Phantom X Pro? One, good chipset, lots of tips and tricks, incredible camera and photo qualities, colorful display and premium design.

No official news from Tecno Mobile regarding the device yet but we hope to start hearing more updates soon. Follow me for more information.
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miracle monday 17 #

how mush it it
2021-5-4 17:16 Like(0)

MorrisWillis 16 #

please improve the heating problem
8GB of RAM is so little we want to fly ????️
take the RAM to 10GB or 12GB
The Camera pixles of every new Tecno phone released never change especially when on zooming out, also in dim light, sunset, or night and I have to use the flash light to take better photos
With all the Technology U have, Can't U bring the iphone Camera to Tecno????
abt battery, kindly return the Tecno Camon CX feature of Ultra Power Saving mode it used to help esp when battery is below 10%
2021-4-29 10:41 Like(1)

belsonne 15 #

Le prix?
2021-4-28 13:09 Like(1)

Rich and famous 14 #

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ts31166136 13 #

اريد واحد
2021-4-17 02:21 Like(1)

31161884 12 #

how much is it
2021-4-16 09:30 Like(1)

275591057886 10 #

update older phones to android 11.
Tecno is not taking our complains seriously
2021-4-15 10:08 Like(1)

257124573065 9 #

I'm in congo price please
2021-4-15 05:30 Like(1)

31152043 8 #

2021-4-14 19:28 Like(1)

amir sheikh 7 #

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Sheikh amir


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