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[GameMania] #RacingMania From AHA Games

AHA Games  |  2021-4-29 07:00 173876

Racing Mania April 2021.jpg

Hello AHA Fans,

The fourth round of the #gamemania competition is here!

Tell us about your favorite Racing Games, and collect your gifts!

Win up to 50USD, and more, in our community! #RacingMania #GameMania

How to participate: 1. Every day, Make a quality post about your favorite racing games with the #GameMania tag inside the "AHA Games App".
The more you post, the better your chances of winning are.

2. All of your posts must be engaging.
Users with the most commented post, Users with the most total likes in a week, and users with at least total likes of 60
will be awarded.

Invite your friends to join the app, like, and comment on your posts.

Time Schedule: 04/29/2021 - 05/06/2021

Please Invite Your Friends To Participate as this Makes It More Fun!

Good Luck!

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Mr Henson 13 #

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Aha Games Author12 #

your feedback is noted. send us a dm with proof of your complaint.
Brooks published in 2021-4-30 01:30
well this is unfair ... I was part of the five winners is the second week of this competition earlie ...
2021-5-11 06:00 Like(0)

Aha Games Author11 #

It is  a game contest. would you like to join our gaming community?
Elma loopson published in 2021-4-29 12:24
is this a game or something ????????
2021-5-11 05:59 Like(0)

Aha Games Author10 #

Hi, would you like to join our gaming community?
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Aha Games Author9 #

Hi, would you like to join our gaming community?
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31316948 8 #

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botchog 7 #

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31281704 6 #

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30864365 5 #

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