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Global leading smart devices brand TECNO has debuted HiOS 7.5, its latest version of custom Android software, in Nigeria and Ghana on the newly launched TECNO smartphones. The new version of HiOS 7 offers a slew of new and improved features across functionalities making the device smarter, more efficient, and versatile.

HiOS 7.5 offers new features that make the use of the smartphone easier, richer, and fun. It is built on Android 11, the latest version of Google’s operating system, and comes with the most used Google apps pre-installed, including calls and messages. Building on top of the aesthetically pleasing design approach of HiOS 7, HiOS7.5 offers a richer and more fun experience with new features such as the Custom Timing Dark Theme, Chat Bubbles, Video Assistant, App Twin, and more.


Intelligent AI Engine Guarantees a smoother user experience

HiOS 7.5, through its AI engine, helps personalize user experience as well as enhance the usability of smartphone features via automated learning capabilities. It can intelligently recognize air gestures that makes using the device utilities not only faster and efficient but also fun and exciting.

HiOS 7.5’s Auto Ear Pickup allows you to intelligently answer calls just by lifting your phone to your ear, thus saving the user time and improving the smartphone efficiency greatly. Imaging you won’t have to worry whether your fingers are oily or not while you’re snacking during lunch break or whenever you are busy and you have don’t time to touch your cell.

Of course, you will also be able to schedule Dark Theme for a period of time – when the sun is out to use light mode and going to bed automatically turns on dark mode.


Enhanced Accessibility features for ease of use

With instant messaging the norm of the day in times like these, enhanced accessibility on a smartphone is on the top wish list of all users. HiOS 7.5’s Chat Bubbles help to minimize skipping apps or closing what you’re doing just to respond to a message. This means you can keep relevant chat notifications on the forefront in rounded bubbles that floats and you can easily tap it to respond or read chats without having to leave the page where you’re at.


What more can be comforting if you can do other important things while watching a video on your phone! HiOS 7.5’s Video Assistant allows you to answer calls, scroll through movies, reply to messages, listen to YouTube plays even when the screen is locked, and a lot more. This is a very powerful video toolbox that makes visual experience even more immersive.

Logging out and in on your social media apps have become obsolete in HiOS 7.5. Why do you need to log out when you can easily have the same app in two places on just one phone? With the introduction of App Twin on HiOS 7.5, you can run two social accounts simultaneously and switch between different social accounts fast and smoothly.

Incubation hub with fun and innovative features

HiOS 7.5 will also feature one of the industry’s best solutions for performing scanning features on your devices in a smart and fast way.
The unique Smart Scanner is one of its kind initiative that allows users to get things done with innovative technology.

Right now, Smart Scanner supports four major functions: Drug Check, Translator, Smart Airtime Recharge, and Wifi Share.

Scan Drugs: No more guessing which drug is genuine or fake. With the new Smart Scanner, you scan the code and verify if the drug is authentic or not. Just launch the Smart Scanner and scanner the drug. You get the response instantly.

Translate: Imagine you find yourself in a foreign restaurant and you are handed a menu in another language. Just pull out your phone and launch your Smart Scanner. You get the translation instantly.

Recharge: Imagine having to type in the 16 digit code of your local recharge card on your phone. Not only is it slow, but it is also stressful. But with the Smart scanner, just scan the code and you get recharged in the local network instantly.

Wi-Fi Password: No need to cram Wi-Fi passwords again. With this feature, you can just scan a Wi-Fi connection and connect instantly.

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innocentdevil 27 #

Can we get this update in camon15!??
2021-5-13 03:43 Like(0)

ts31336485 26 #

How can I upgrade my techno povouir Android 10 to android 11
2021-5-13 03:41 Like(0)

31334702 25 #

update android 11 for spark 6 thanks
2021-5-12 17:58 Like(0)

Hoilakes 24 #

2021-5-10 03:11 Like(0)

Harbey2120 23 #

2021-5-10 00:58 Like(0)

30848427 22 #

will the spark 6 go update?
2021-5-9 18:28 Like(0)

Yinksy09 21 #

Nice one. It’s time upgrade.
2021-5-9 15:44 Like(0)

31314314 20 #

tecno spark 6 air here
2021-5-9 13:13 Like(0)

31310775 19 #

how to upgrade into android 11 spark 6 go here
2021-5-9 00:58 Like(0)

SirJosh 18 #

This is indeed an exciting upgrade/update ????
2021-5-9 00:12 Like(1)

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