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[Announcement] TECNO Appoints Internationally Renowned Actor Chris Evans as its global brand ambassador

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- The signing of Chris Evans has intensified TECNO’s globalization strategy, allowing them to break into emerging markets around the world to become a leader in those areas.
TECNO, a global leading premium smartphone brand, has announced its new brand ambassador, Chris Evans.This signing has intensified TECNO’s determination of globalization allowing them to break into emerging markets around the world to become a leader in those areas . As the brand continues to grow on the world stage, TECNO now finds itself competing with major mainstream brands, who will undoubtedly take note of this new partnership.
Best known for his role as Captain America in the Marvel Universe series of films, the charismatic Chris Evans embodies TECNO's brand motto ‘young at heart’ and the pursuit of excellence. The partnership with Evans enhances TECNO's continuous global footprint and helps to highlight the brand’supgraded product design, which is increasingly fashionable, energetic, and constantly pioneering.
TECNO Brand Ambassador Chris Evans
In the recent 2 years, TECNO obtained certain positive results in globalization and internationalization by strengthening its technology innovation, stylish design detailed with elegance taste, professional  photography experience as well as its worldwide partner network. The industry has witnessed TECNO’s solid achievement in mobile photography by its bagging of the championship after competing with the world's best minds at its first match in Look In Person (LIP) competition at Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) 2020 in Track 5: Dark Complexion Portrait Segmentation Challenge. And by industry leading research institution Counterpoint’s most recent report, TECNO is recognized as one of the few brands that have make break-throughs in AI-enhanced mobile photography and videography. TECNO’s excellent  photographic performance also let the brand earn distinctions in Guinness World Records 2020 with the largest flip book shot by its photography pioneer CAMON product line and in IFA(Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin) with "Camera Technology Innovation Smartphone Gold Award 2020".
TECNOs increasing market share also speaks lounly for its globalization footprint. In 2020, TECNO led the industry through a tough year, where brands took a hit in terms of smartphone sales. According to global market intelligence company IDC, TECNO sales volume exceeded 25 million units, up 45%, and revenue exceeded 15 billion, up 38% YoY in 2020. TECNO’s India smartphone sales, increased more than 200% YoY, topped 5 million units in 2020, breaking its own sales growth record. There seems to be nothing stopping the upcoming brand from breaking new grounds and achieving new heights..

From the perspective of trend analysis, the future holds great promise for TECNO, as further exhilarating steps are anticipated. TECNO has been committed to strengthen the R & D investment and layout in intelligent applications, intelligent connected devices, and build an intelligent ecosystem integrating hardware and software. In 2020, the RD investment increased by about 30% year on year. The sky is the limit if TECNO continues its trajectory of gaining greater market share.

Now, together with Evans, TECNO with its four reputable product lines will stand out in the global market as a new shining super star. TECNOs wildly popular CAMON series is set to release the CAMON 17 within the next few days, setting the market and consumer ablaze with chatter on upcoming features and innovations. TECNO CAMON series have been well-known by the excellent photography experience and have been recognized by numbers of international media industrial professionals.

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That's a nice one.
hope to seeing Tecno flying over other mainstream
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