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Hello T-Fans,
We are proud to present to you the Brought To You By Me Design CONTEST
Through the #HiOSBroughToYouByMe Design Contest, we’re hoping to bring a piece of design vision into your own works and of course to fuel up your creativity. What’s more stimulating than showing your quality and creativity by making your own impression of what HiOS mean to you through Creative design. This is the stage for you to shine out!

Fuel your creativity with HiOS by making creative designs or artwork of any souvenir item of your choice. It's a creative design contest!  Your design can be on a phone pouch, mug, cap, or shirt. The theme is HiOS Fuel My Creativity.


Top designers will stand a chance to win a Camon 17 Phone with a customize phone pouch or souvenir of their choice bearing their design or artwork! Wait, is that all? Absolutely not! Top Artists will also have a chance to have their designs available in the official Hi Theme Store! Are you ready to push yourself and show your creativity and quality?

Start now!

HiOS must be visible somewhere on the design. Artists may submit as many designs as possible for consideration. Submission to be made before May 31st to be considered. We will use the following criteria when choosing the design Winners:

*        Does the design represent HiOS and/or Camon 17?
*        Does the design work on a mug, cap, shirt, or phone pouch? Could it be altered to work on these items?
*        Does the design evoke thoughts/feelings/ideas of Creativity?
*        The submitted artwork must be original. Non-original artwork will be disqualified.
*        Your design should not be just a photo shot by phone or camera. There must be some design involved in it.
*        Use high-quality images without watermarks and garish colors and the images should be clean and complete.
*        Image size should be suitable for TECNO phones (recommended resolution: 1080*1920) and the main subject of the image should be fully displayed on the phone’s screen.
*        Don’t stretch or distort the image, and you should use comfortable colors and achieve the natural color transition.
*        Don’t organize the elements of the image too densely, nor too loosely to make people uncomfortable.
*        The image should be complete and all elements should be well-arranged.
*        The image can’t contain elements related to politics, religion, terrorism, pornography, etc.
*        All work should be fully fit for TECNO phones.

Contest Rules:
*        All the designs should be in the form of an art doodle and not a pure image.
*        The submitted designs must be original and copyright-free. They must not have been used commercially or authorized by others. They cannot be copied or plagiarized.
*        In case you have used any copyrighted elements in the submitted design you must own the rights license to use at the time of submission and have to submit the proof of legal purchase when asked during auditing.
*        There is no limit to the number of designs or artwork submitted by each individual participant.
*        If one user has multiple entries shortlisted for voting, only one corresponding entry with the highest votes will be considered valid for the prize.
*        By participating in the contest and submitting your designs, you consent that the images can be used by HiOS for research or marketing purposes.

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Lovybaby 10 #

please where are we posting it?
2021-5-18 05:14 Like(0)

John Eli 9 #

Hios here is my own beautiful design ❤️
I hope you love it
2021-5-17 22:04 Like(1)

Rahmlad 8 #

This is huge
2021-5-17 15:50 Like(0)

Lovybaby 7 #

God help me to win this timw
2021-5-17 15:47 Like(0)

Lovybaby 6 #

nice one
2021-5-17 15:46 Like(0)

Changala 5 #

how do you submit the art work?
2021-5-17 14:50 Like(0)

Zunny 4 #

2021-5-17 10:41 Like(1)

504013780 3 #

hide wala lonchar bdia tha
2021-5-17 10:10 Like(2)

30848159 2 #

2021-5-17 10:03 Like(1)

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