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HiOS  |  2021-5-21 18:45 TECNO CE9 075

Hello Tecno, I am a great fan of Tecno and has been using Tecno phones since 2013 till date... I have owned almost all tecno tehno phone models... from J series, Phantom, L series and the Camon series from and lately owns the camon 16 Premier and looking forward to a Camon 17 Premier.... And I love HIOs launcher but of recent there is something that I don't know if it only mothers me alone... The FEEDS and HOT APPS that one cannot turn off in the latest HIOS 7.0 version...
I am requesting Tecno to work on an update that can allow users to have an option turn off feeds and hot apps just like other setting in the desktop setting in the launcher...
Hope I have also spoken for other great fans of Tecno who weren't able to speak up...
Thank you and hope to see positive response or actions..
I remain you great fan...
Aligo the Tecno Geek
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