friend is friend Rich or poor is a friend. This sentence, when anyone has seen or read it, will be deeply touched in their hearts for a long time. Friends who have seen their friend's condition since childhood, which many people, if they saw it, would not believe their own eyes, that this is really my friend? Why was he in this condition? And this is the question that pops into my head. In fact, friends come in many forms. But friends who truly love us and are always ready to help us are rare. But when this man meets his friend in such a state that he almost does not want to admit it. makes us see the word true friendship This man took his friend, who was now a mentally ill person, to the hospital until he recovered and he took care of his friend not far away. This is an appreciation that we should appreciate. It's not something that is easy to find. At times in one's life a person tries to gain acceptance from a lifelong friend. Doing anything to gain acceptance, but that doesn't mean he'll get true friendship Because true friendship arises from a mind that is a good friend. wishing well to friends without expecting anything in return which this man did Can show everyone that he has true love for his friends. It was a commendable good.