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HiOS  |  2021-6-8 08:57 4572465

Hello T-Fans,
Have you ever been in a scenario whereby you are in a public means of transport and you realize the person next to you can’t seem to get his or her eyes out of your phone? Embarrassing right? And what is more annoying is, the fact that when you try to tell them you not to peep, or you change position, they follow you.

Well, we have developed a feature that can help you solve this problem.

Introducing, the Peek Proof feature!

Peek proof.jpg

How does it work?
The Peek Proof feature introduces a tinted layer on your screen, which makes it very difficult for someone peeping into your screen to see anything. There is only a small adjustable portion of the screen available in normal light, the rest is tinted. What’s more, you can increase or decrease the intensity of the tint provided on the screen.

How to activate Peek Proof?
Setting up the Peek proof is quite simple. Just swipe down the notification panel and toggle on the Peek proof icon. To adjust the intensity or size of the tint, drag the adjustable tab, left, right, up, or down.

In what other way do you think the Peek Proof feature useful?

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ts927850340 38 #

WOW ???????? this phone very nice and very smart
2021-8-27 04:20 Like(0)

Bianka87 37 #

it's a nice feature it has privacy even wen you're in a bus
2021-8-18 16:13 Like(0)

743162794 36 #

Not available on my Camon 15????
2021-8-9 12:14 Like(0)

ts08085477337 35 #

it doe not work on my camon16s
2021-8-6 23:57 Like(0)

emzz 34 #

2021-8-1 03:32 Like(0)

Jonezzy 33 #

2021-7-26 16:41 Like(0)

Jonezzy 32 #

2021-7-20 18:30 Like(1)

Lord Spencer 31 #

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2021-7-6 04:53 Like(0)

ts745145080 30 #

my babies are done ,,, M-PESA text message won't be visible ????????????????
2021-7-2 02:05 Like(0)

jevis 29 #

my girlfriend is finished with this one ☺️☺️
2021-6-29 14:32 Like(0)

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