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【Game Starts!】NEW XSHARE! Try it and Win Hipods!

Activities  |  2021-6-8 23:18 33222283

Dear Fans

This Time we bring you bonus! Try Faster XShare and Win Hipods!

XSHARE 3.0.2
1. One Tap to Connect, No need to scan QR Code
2. Ultimate Speed: The highest speed reach 40Mb/s
3. File Manager: View and Delete files easier
4. New UI Interface

STEP 1:Update to version 3.0.2: CLICK ME TO UPDATE or https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.infinix.xshare
STEP 2: Ask your friend and You to Try XShare "One Tap to Connect" in SEARCH NEARBY
STEP 3: Screenshot+Your advices about this fearures below the comment (More useful advice you gave, more likely to win!)

5 Hipods for 5 winners; 100 dollars topup for 20 winners

Activity period: June 11th-17th; Announce on June 18th


Example: Screenshot+Advice:
XShare one tap connection is really fast and convenient. I prefer to use it during daytime which can save me from scanning QR code under sunlights.

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Zunny 37 #

I love Xshare one tap connection. It works perfectly fine, easy to send and easy to receive.
2021-6-12 18:02 Like(1)

Chale002 36 #

It's a really cool app, kudos to that. But QR code scans faster than the Search nearby sender which maybe might frustrate some users. Apart from that, it's really cool
2021-6-12 13:05 Like(0)

Jhave 35 #

i love this apps fast to send and recieve more updates for HioS thank you Tecno very expensive gadgets for gaming games Spark 6 Thanks for your event to help other people like me in Philipines God bless always...very Good gadget to scrool...Take care alwys more Blessing to come...Thanks be to God...
2021-6-12 12:41 Like(0)

ts3152630018 34 #

2021-6-12 12:32 Like(0)

Bolademi1 33 #

Xshare is easy to navigate and user friendly.
Developers should consider DARK MODE THEME for the APP to increase the amount of contrast between the text that you’re reading and the background also to reduce eyes strain for some users.

XSHARE is superb and fast ♥️
2021-6-12 12:22 Like(1)


???? WOW
2021-6-12 10:11 Like(0)

ts8077673221 31 #

Tecno phone is very nice and very good
2021-6-12 09:27 Like(0)

Joshuaboy 30 #

XShare is a free file transfer tool for Android. I first got to know about this file sharing app on TECNO phones because it was pre-installed. It is very intuitive and easy to use. The new one tap feature makes it easier in connecting with friends to share files and more without cellular data or Wifi network. The process of scanning QR codes is eliminated. I prefer XShare to the popular Xender we all use and I recommend it for all. You can download it on play store if it not on your device
2021-6-12 07:59 Like(0)

Culé 29 #

Xshare is absolutely fast???? (no matter how large the file is), smooth????, really colorful and has a user friendly interface????????. The most intriguing part? It so easy to use. This is great for files transfer. I love it❤️
2021-6-12 06:41 Like(0)

Rahmlad 28 #

The feature is really awesome as it saves the time and trouble of scanning before you can connect and it shares files more faster although I was unable to connect using it, later had to scan whereas I'm using the latest version. With that, I'll say it's so thoughtful of the brand leaving the Scanning feature unremoved likewise I'll like you to check for the reason why it's so for necessary corrections and possible bugs. You're the best for considering and viewing things from users perspective
2021-6-12 04:32 Like(0)

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