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Hello T-Fans,
Over the years, closets have been a place to store personal belongings like clothes, shoes, necklaces, and so on. Some persons prioritize closets so much that they have to put padlocks and keys for safekeeping.

In this manner, a digital closet is one online or offline space where one can store important assets and hide personal things from the eyes of phone borrowers. Take, for example, documents, pictures, apps, and lots more.

Before now, HiOS developed a very secured closet called VAULT that allows users to hide pictures and videos with a personal password. This way, when friends or anyone access your phone gallery, they won’t be able to see the pictures you hide.

Vault 2.0.jpg

On HiOS 7.6, the VAULT has taken a whole new shape and upgrade.

This time around, the assets you can store are no longer limited to images and videos but you can now secure Apps, Documents, Images, and Videos.

Isn’t this awesome!

The security is also well improved as HiOS 7.6 is currently guarded with Zahooc protection. Safeguarding personal things cannot be over-emphasized. Many things must not be accessible by anybody who collects your phone.

It should be a priority to keep some moments hidden, some apps locked, and documents confidential. On this note, setting up the inbuilt secured Vault is one of the surest means to go. Set up with a pin only you have access to and be rest assured no one can view it.

How to Access the HiOS Vault
To access the vault, open your AI gallery, swipe left twice, or click on the third icon at the base of the screen and select Vault. You set it up by simply creating a security code and security question (just in case you forgot the code). Add media files by clicking on the “+” sign at the bottom right. Anything you store there becomes hidden from the public view.

Now you can record those embarrassing and goofy videos or have highly classified documents on your device without any fear of anyone able to access them with the new HiOS vault

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ts673461183 36 #

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ts76926101 35 #

I have got techno. camon. 16 amazing
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  • ts76926101 : techno is the best technologies in the worlds

    2021-7-28 02:30

Jonezzy 34 #

can't do without mine
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ts13918774828 33 #

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richmond123 31 #

One thing i hate about Tecno is when they implement new features, they makes them available to only their new models. And that sucks.
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AlexCo7 28 #

nice one
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Ruth Anne 27 #

I can secure everything in my phone now without exceptions. Thank you TECNO for improving the VAULT!
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