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Patmos: The City of my greatness

Activities  |  2021-6-12 12:17 TECNO KC8 5129

Chapter 1
In the Island of Patmos within the jurisdiction of Madagascar there was a king called Sirus. King Sirus had three brave sons by the name David, Simon and Judas before his demise as the King of the Land...When king Sirus was alive his autocratic nature of leadership was questioned by his subjects and the people he was ruling over, though he had compassion on the people in his own view but since he felt his authority could be questioned he started to act like a dictator which really affected his reign over for the remaining twenty years he ruled.
At King Sirus's death his subjects whispered amongst themselves that it was lack of self-esteem that made the king to change his leadership style which didn't the people he was ruling over. It was a huge pain to his subjects because the king's reign had started on a very good note. King Sirus was very close to the people at the beginning of his reign and he was keen to always take advice from his subjects which really helped his Village to prosper above Neighboring Villages. It happened that during the meeting of various Kings at Philadelphia a Village besides Patmos that King Sirus style of rulling was questioned by other kings.They made him to see that his subjects were looking down at him and they made him to feel that his subjects were the ones rulling or controlling the affairs of the Village. King Sirus was greatly affected by this that he began to investigate negatively on every idea that his subjects gave him, infact a time came during his reign that he stopped taking the ideas of his subjects and started using his own ideas to run the Village. King Sirus was doing this because he felt his subjects who were more intellectually sound than him could form a coup against his government and find a way to remove him from the throne.
King Sirus's predicament and struggle was already made known to the other kings because it was "visible to the blind and audible to the deaf" that he was really struggling to make an Impact over the people of Patmos. King Sirus's pride and arrogance couldn't make him to see advise from his subjects anymore, he had lost complete realization of who he was (Identity). The king that was once celebrated became an object of ridicule and mockery. The thoughts of failing the people and been the center of attraction for negativity weighed the king down so much that he completely loss total control of himself, this led to depression and of course sickness came on board and that was how he died. All these were discussed during the king's burial by the king's Subjects without the Knowing that Judas was eavesdropping into thier discussion.
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That Great City
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When will other chapters be released?
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