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[HiOS Tips] VIDEO ASSISTANT: Enough of Movie Spoilers

HiOS  |  2021-6-16 04:52 4579616

Hello T-Fans,
Seamlessly, uninterruptedly, comfortably, and thrilling is the best description of a movie experience on a mobile phone. What makes a movie experience unique as described above is when you can do multiple things while watching a movie without using the split-screen or minimizing the movie screen. Among the many things we do on our smartphone, movie stream or watch is among the top 5.

We find time to watch series of live shows on YouTube or the ones we downloaded on our phone video gallery. At this point, calls and messages will be flowing in because a lot of people seem to be available for chats and talks. These calls and messages interrupt our movies and when we have to reply to them one after the other, the focus on the movie will become less. With this problem in mind, HiOS deliberated about it and came up with a feature that can counter interruptions in the video experience.
Constantly bothered by instant messages, incoming calls while you are watching videos?  Or want to screenshot the screen while you are watching the highlights of movies?

Video Assistant.png

On HiOS 7.6, Video Assistant was introduced to curb this problem.

HiOS Video Assistant makes a quick start possible by adding a useful panel along the sidebar which included high-frequent apps such as WhatsApp, chrome, and tools like screen recording, screenshot, messages, etc. You can turn on the feature in 1 second while watching a video. For example, you can quickly reply to important messages or browse through a plot of the video on your browser without having to leave your video screen.

What’s more, you can also listen to YouTube video audio while the screen is locked.

The HiOS video assistant is a very rich feature that curtails the disturbance users get when watching movies. The beautiful pull-out interface is amazing and does not in any way obstruct your video screen.

Just like in Game mode, you can reply to WhatsApp messages, calls, SMS, and do a lot more on your Video Assistant.

P.S: This feature is only available on HiOS version 7.5 and above

Have you used this feature? Send us a screenshot!

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Needs Gcam for Tecno camon 17p
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tecno coman16pro good mobile
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ecuador en la casa hpt 🇪🇨
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looks good
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its an app 🤔🤔
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can u tech me how
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