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The Scam In The Crypto World - Investment

Job recruitment  |  2021-6-23 01:27 A3_Pro 058

I will make this short and understandable

A lot scam is going on crypto currency space
It is called pump and dump

Early investors pump and once they made enough they will dump the coin and run with their profit we are not calling about thousands they chop millions to billions

This scam is world wide since crypto is digital

How to avoid before u buy any coin
Read its white paper find out the real world usage

Find other similar project is it fail to solve the issue of similar existing coin avoid probably a scam

Avoid all *** coins
Safe mooon,safe mars ,elogan feg etc
Don't buy even for free

If u want to buy go for coin which is default in a blockchain example instead to buy wink , go for tron
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