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Kid’s Mode: Children's indulgence in the new era

HiOS  |  2021-6-23 03:28 1335847

Hello T-fans,
In today’s world, you cannot mention technology without including young children. This includes even the little babies at home. Technology has grown to the extent that none is left out. We have over 1 billion apps on Playstore that proffer solutions to education, skills, and many more attributes that contribute to a person’s development. Among these amazing applications, there are also many apps that are not supposed to be accessed by minors.

With all this in mind and since its not possible for adults to monitor everything kids are doing on their smartphones; A very special tool was developed to enhance kids' protection and parental guidance before handing out the smartphone to the younger ones.

kids mode.png

This tool is referred to as the “Kids Mode”.

Kid’s mode is an advanced feature that allows the parent or the adult to customize certain features the younger ones can be able to access on the smartphone. This way, you will be able to prevent the child from accessing certain websites, applications, and tools.
That’s not all! Kid’s mode allows you to monitor the child's phone usage health. For example, you can determine for how long should the child stay on the phone, check what time they spend, limit how much data they use and so on. One cannot overlook a child’s usage when it comes to proper parenting. Excess time on gaming or other things can deter the child’s focus on studying, mental health, and a lot of other important things.

As users become the priority for HiOS, endeavoring to sponsor solutions surrounding our daily life is one key thing and the child cannot be left out.

To access Kids Mode, go to settings and click on the kid’s mode

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DonTech256 14 #

which HiOS version has that? my Camon 16s is stuck on the stupid HiOS 6.1
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Rifat Hassan 13 #

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Dereey 12 #

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Jonezzy 11 #

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ts0241138088 10 #

I like it
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ali81 9 #

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ts0613424022 8 #

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Ruth Anne 7 #

good feature
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Toluwanipraise 6 #

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