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Sharing you idea with us!

Others  |  2021-6-23 04:28 268702

Dear T-fans:

We'dlike to invite you to participate in the smartphone usage survey . This surveyaims to understand how satisfied you are with current smartphone. It will helpus to better the design of the next-generation products. This survey will takeyou about 10 minutes to complete, thank you.

Activity date:From July 1 to July 6
Activity countries:Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzanie, India

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S.M.G-MZL 25 #

improve your RAM and finger Lock
2021-11-13 11:53 Like(0)

Donna905 24 #

please,how can i update my phone am trying and it is not working, it is tecno p701
2021-10-13 10:16 Like(0)

ts746545867 23 #

I believed for tecno ,make my dream comes true for my award
2021-9-24 04:52 Like(1)

theIlluminatiam 22 #

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Amachree Destiny 21 #

2021-9-20 12:07 Like(0)

ts0248163776 20 #

we need phantom x glass protector
2021-9-17 13:54 Like(0)

ts0772490105 19 #

why is my Tecno phone saying that failure to unzip package when I'm updating and I have downloaded the update so many times and it says the same thing why is my phone doing that please help me it says ERA with unzipping package every time I download the system update.
2021-8-18 08:34 Like(0)

MrTee9ja 18 #

2021-8-7 05:02 Like(0)

Jonezzy 17 #

2021-7-26 16:54 Like(0)



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