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Sharing you idea with us!

Others  |  2021-6-23 04:28 177312

Dear T-fans:

We'dlike to invite you to participate in the smartphone usage survey . This surveyaims to understand how satisfied you are with current smartphone. It will helpus to better the design of the next-generation products. This survey will takeyou about 10 minutes to complete, thank you.

Activity date:From July 1 to July 6
Activity countries:Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzanie, India

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31723397 16 #

I want to update Tecno pop3 from 3G to 4G it's not functioning well please help
2021-7-18 05:12 Like(0)

Lord Spencer 15 #

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hon.d 14 #

c'est bon
2021-6-30 20:02 Like(0)


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31505369 12 #

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Hoilakes 11 #

done... thanks
2021-6-29 10:49 Like(0)

31496915 10 #

I have new Tecno 6go.my husband give it to me as a bday gift by I don't know how to use it.im not good in smart phone but I love my Tecno phone
2021-6-26 17:59 Like(0)

ZonkDragonel 9 #

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Cprince 8 #

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